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Teesside Car Training part of Teesside LGV Training,

Teesside Car Training is part of Teesside LGV Training which is the leading company offering intensive driver training in the Teesside & Durham Area, specialising in one week Intensive driver training courses. We want you to pass your test but more importantly we want to know you have the skills to drive any vehicle or tow a trailer safely every Teesside Car Trainingday, not just the day of your test.

Looking for Car lessons, Car and Trailer, Mini bus and Mini bus with trailer driving lessons in Middlesbrough? Teesside? Durham? Does you or your organisation need Midas training? We can help you as we are not like any of the other schools or instructors, we are a dedicated driver training school with two fully operational training centres, or head office is based just off the A66 next to A66 Tyres & A66 MOT in South Bank Middlesbrough with Teesside LGV Training. We are widely acknowledged as the leading provider in the Teesside area for all you driver training needs.

We have a first class service from the team in the office willing to help you every step of the way with their friendly hands on approach to our professional highly graded instructors who are patient and willing to go the extra mile with you. One call to us is all you need, we will be with you every step of the way from start to pass.

We are able to help you by supplying you all the documentation you require, step by step guides of the whole process, the latest and up to date Theory and Hazard Perception training material, and first class training from highly graded registered ADI instructors.

We have a pick up and Drop off service where we can collect you from your house and drop you off, if you come to the training centre we can offer you a progress review service. So at the end of the day you or your parents can come in and have a discussion with your instructor and discuss your current progress, standards improvements and area of concerns. your spending a lot of money and we appreciate that so we offer a unique service where you are kept fully up to date

Cheaper is not Better

When choosing a training company you should not only make sure they are affordable with no hidden costs but also that you will be trained by experienced professional staff. To a lot of people choosing their training provider comes down to price more than any other aspect, but what they don’t realise is that poor training generally results in a failed test which will then incur you more training and another test fee.

We see them all the time ‘Special offers’ and other gimmicks, you spend that money parked up talking. IF you have all ready started your lessons think how much you have done and how long you have spent parked up talking. Driving lessons and your NOT driving!

At Teesside Car Training we are a dedicated school to delivering professional training as standard. We offer a number of courses which will work to your needs, Intensive Courses (pass in 1 week) also our original standard driving lessons.

If your not happy with your progress with another school we can take you to the next level.

Testing areas

Teesside Car Training is the leading training provider in the Teesside area for Intensive car training course and we are able to test from any testing station. We specialise in testing from Middlesbrough or Darlington DVSA test stations. It all depends on your needs, where you live and what area you know.  We work with you to give you the best training available and work to your training needs.

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