Car & Trailer Training

Car and Trailer Training


Teesside Car Training & Teesside LGV Training offer Car and Trailer Training ‘B+E driver training’ courses for anyone looking at towing a trailer, We work with a number of caravan companies and have been approved as a Car and Trailer training provider for the Caravan Club. We also work with a number of large companies providing car and trailer training.

Did you pass your car driving test on or after 1st January 1997?Car and Trailer Training

Did you know, that if you intend to tow a Trailer or Caravan over 750kgs, and you passed your Category B (Car) driving test on or after 01 January 1997, then you may  need to pass a further driving test to obtain the Category B+E (Car and Trailer) entitlement.

If you passed a car test on or after 1 January 1997 you are only entitled to drive a vehicle in category B. That is a motor vehicle up to 3.5 tonnes maximum authorised mass (MAM). You can only TOW A TRAILER up to 750 kgs MAM.

If you need to pass your Car and Trailer “B+E” test “Teesside CAR Training Ltd” is DSA Registered and one of the leading specialist driver training providers in Car, Car and trailer and all LGV categories. B, B+E, C1, C1+E, C, C+E.

WARNING: Towing a trailer when you do not have the entitlement WILL INVALIDATE your insurance. This can lead to a prosecution with 9 penalty points on your driving licence and a fine up to £1000.00. (Click here for full details at

Trailer Courses Available:

(1 Day courses are 6 hours; Tests are taken the following day)

½ Day = A candidate who has the entitlement on their licence but has not towed before or just needing a refresher in towing or confidence building.

1 Day = A candidate who is recently taken and failed a test.

2 Day = A candidate who has some experience of towing and reversing with a trailer.

3 or 4 Day = A candidate who has never towed before.

No Medical Required, No Theory or Hazard Perception Required,

You should all ready have a provisional B+E on your licence when passing you Car (Cat B) licence. One call is all you need to make 01642 466 099 and we can talk to you in more detail and book you in for an intensive course. All our Instructors are DSA registered to the highest standards, you want the best training, your paying for the best training, we offer professional training with professionally qualified instructors.

Caravan Training

Caravan ClubAt Teesside Car Training, We work with a number of local caravan firms and have been added to the approved trainers list of the Caravan Club. We recommend the Caravan Club, all the benefits and supports they have to offer campers.

Our Caravan Training courses are aimed at helping new people looking at towing a caravan for the first time also established campers who are looking for some guidance. We have courses designed to help with General Manoeuvres & Reverse Training, Driver Refreshment courses. The very popular Set up demo which covers Uncouple & Re Couple from the caravan, Loading and been aware of the Nose weights. This course also has basic manoeuvres, techniques and Caravan Trainingreversing. Ideal for a person who has just bought a caravan and is wanting information, guidance and gaining confidence. Our DSA registered instructor who is a member of the Caravan club will be able to give you the expert advice and the guidance you require.

The Caravan Training can be completed on any day, this will be agreed with you and the instructor. This does include weekends. The Caravan Training courses duration is normally one day. but if you were looking at doing longer then this could be arranged.Caravan Training


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