Car Driving Lessons

Are you looking for Driving Lessons?
Car Driving Lessons Middlesbrough? Cleveland? Teesside? Durham?

Are you already with a training school but feel like your not getting any where fast?
and spending time parked up talking instead of Driving?

Teesside Car Training is different from every training school. Driving lessons Middlesbrough, Teesside, Cleveland, or even Durham. We are a dedicated professional training school and are the leading training provider of intensive driver training courses with the highest of pass rates.Teessidecar2 We give you professional tuition that is adapted to ever persons needs. So no training is just the same its specially adapted to your needs, to get the best out of you, so you get the result you deserve. Your here for driver training, Teaching people to driving is what we do.

We can supply you will all the documentation you need and step by step guides of the whole process,  from first deciding to drive, to studying for your theory, booking theory tests to booking your training course. One phone call or an E-mail is all that is needed and all documentation can be sent out to you straight away.

Theory & Hazard perception Training
We can supply you with the very latest Theory & Hazard Perception training material which is accessed by clicking the link below. the link will take you direct to our study training page which is on our Parent site
Call 01642 466 099 to sign up for the online study material which lasts for 90 days, it has the very latest training material and question, so you will have no issues with been ready to pass your theory test. If you have any issue while trying to access the site our dedicated training team will be able to guide you in the right direction.
Call 01642 466 099 to sign up and pay for Theory training material.

Theory & Hazard Perception Training Page

Intensive Driving Courses
With an intensive car training course, you learn to drive a car properly and safely. We don’t teach you just to pass your test, we teach you to drive safer and be aware of how to reduce the ever increasing fuel charges by simple driving techniques. In just one week you could be a qualified car driver. PASS IN ONE WEEK. Pass with Teesside Car Training

This course is intensive. Its all day, every day but you will see massive improvements. You will finish each day knowing you have progressed and achieved. You will find this course rewarding and exciting.

Day Lessons
Unable to do a full week? looking for a lessons? Our driving lessons are a full days training. Where would you get a full days driver training? after one lesson you will have achieved so much. You will feel like progress has been made, and we wont have you sat around talking all day. You will be driving, You will be learning, You will be achieving your goals. In one days training we can cover:

Introduction to Driving,            Clutch Control,                        Moving off and Stopping
Under the bonnet,                     Changing Gears,                      Turning Left, Turning Right
Mirror sequences,                      A required Manoeuvre,         A full debrief and progress Report

Where else would you get this? Where else would you get this in one lesson?

PASS PLUSTeesside Car Training is registered to offer Pass Plus , a scheme which was designed by the DSA and can help any person improve their driving and could possibly help reduce their insurance. This Scheme is minimum of 6 hours of driver tuition,  training that covers ‘out of Town Driving & Rural Roads, Night Driving, All Weather Driving, Motorway, Dual Carriageways.’ the training is based on developing your practical driving skills.

Our instructors are highly trained to be aloud to offer this course. We have had amazing reviews and feedback from clients who have said that this program really helped them develop as a driver, helped them gain confidence.

Specialist Courses
Some times the PASS PLUS scheme is not what a person is looking for so we offer training courses for drivers who have passed their test and looking at gaining experience driving in the Country, in busy town centres or dual Carriageways and Motorways.

These courses are aimed at building confidence, gaining skills, techniques and valuable experience. We also offer manoeuvre training, Struggling to reverse? Can’t parallel park? just a lack of confidence when performing a manoeuvre? our manoeuvre training courses would be ideal for you.

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