Caravan Training

Caravan Training

Teesside Car Training and Teesside LGV Training work with a number of Caravan companies and are on the Caravan Trainingtraining providers list for the Caravan Club.

All our training is carried out by DSA Registered LGV instructors, ADI instructors and you will receive the very best training. To get onto a towing/trailer training course is simple. One phone call is all that is required to 01642 466 099 or you can message us and we will call you back at a convenient time.

Trailer Courses Available:

(1 Day courses are 6 hours; Tests are taken the following day)

½ Day = A candidate who has the entitlement on their licence but has not towed before or just needing a refresher in towing or confidence building.

1 Day = A candidate who is recently taken and failed a test.

2 Day = A candidate who has some experience of towing and reversing with a trailer.

3 or 4 Day = A candidate who has never towed before

Specialist Caravan Course

Side Car and caravanWe offer specialist training courses for people who are all ready qualified to tow, but have never towed a caravan. Or training courses are designed to suit each individual candidate and can be conducted on any day.

These courses are becoming more and more popular due to the expert guidance and tuition that is we have to offer. Courses we have available are:


General Manoeuvres & Reverse Training. Struggle to reverse? worried about turning with your caravan on the back? not a problem we can teach you how to reverse your caravan with some very easy simple techniques. We give guidance, advice, and build your confidence by getting you to drive routes which are specially designed.

Set up demo (Uncouple & Recouple, Loading, Nose Weight) Make sure when you load your caravan you don’t overload it or overload the nose weight. we give you simple tips and advice from an expert. We teach you how to Uncouple and Recouple from your trailer with safety in mind, so that you don’t make the common mistakes and dame your car or caravan, making sure the grounding is safe. This course is becoming more and more popular.Car and trailer B+E

Driver refreshment Courses. Our driver refreshment courses are a popular course and cover sections of every thing. the duration of these courses can be as long as you like from 1 days and onwards. We can supply the vehicles or we could even use your vehicle if you wanted.  the Refreshment courses covers Country driving, Town driving, Motorways, Dual carriageways, we get you to Uncouple and Re couple, general manoeuvres including  reversing and hill starts.

Specialist Design. This course is discussed with you and designed for what ever you need, could be that you are about to take your caravan on the motorway and your not a confident motorway driver. we can take you out onto a motorway so you can gain experience and confidence. I could be that you are wanting to take a trailer or caravan into the country, we can take you on routes which are designed to get the best from you and give you the confidence you require.

Call us on 01642 466 099 and we are more than happy to help and talk to you about your needs and requirements.

Caravan training BackReduction in Car Insurance
We are the only company that can offer you a possible reduction in your insurance with our towing courses.

According to the DSA a number of leading insurance companies accept the Pass Plus scheme,  such as AA Insurance, Churchill Insurance, Direct Line, Zurich (Eagle Star), Norwich Union, Privilege, Provident Insurance Plc, Tesco Motor Insurers.

f you would be interested in this option we can offer you the Pass Plus Scheme while you are on a towing training course.

Obtain a new category of licence and a possible reduction in your insurance

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