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Is Cheaper better?  Teesside Car Training delivers the best training available, We are not like other instructors we are the leading driver training school in the area, we have our own driver training centre, we have the highest of qualified driving instructors. People all ways seem to look for cheap lessons, cheap lessons normally mean sub standard teaching and result in more expense as you require more lessons than you should also you end up taking more tests as your not ready for your test. Discounted lessons normally result in you spending large amount of time parked up talking to your instructor. Your wanting to learn to drive so at Teesside Car Training we let you drive, we teach you to drive, not just for test but to be able to drive properly, safely and with confidence, is that what your looking for? 1 day Driving Lessons Teesside Car Training offers 1 day lessons. Students who do one full days training see a huge improvement from the start of the day. 1 days training with Teesside Car Training and you will finish your day knowing and feeling you have achieved something. You will feel that you have made huge progress. In a normal one hour lesson what can you do? with a one day lesson we can achieve so much, in the first day we could complete an Introduction to Driving, Clutch Control, Moving off and Stopping, Under the bonnet, Changing Gears,   Turning Left, Turning Right, Mirror sequences, A required Manoeuvre, A full debrief and progress Report. Where would you get all this from one lesson? This is a driving lesson, not a parked up session, in this one day lesson you will make huge progress.

Our one day driver training lessons are £175.00

Intensive Courses (pass in a week) Our intensive courses are designed like no other training school or organisation. We work to the candidates needs and abilities, our Intensive training courses normally run from a Monday and you sit your DSA driving Test on the Friday. This is not a crash course this is a professional intensive driver training course, where you will be taught to drive a car, not to just to pass your test but to be able to drive a car on the roads safely and with confidence. Our professional driving team of instructors will work with you and will spend the required time you need. We don’t work on an hourly basis we work to what you the candidate need. Every one is different. Every one is unique. We don’t have you parked up spending all or majority of your lesson talking. Your hear to learn to drive. So we teach you to drive. The intensive course is highly rewarding and every day you will feel you have achieved the difference. You will go home every day knowing you have improved and are a 100% better driver. Teesside Car Training is dedicated to delivering professional training. We don’t drag out courses like other schools. We work with you to get you your licence, that is what your after. Our intensive training course can achieve this in one week.

1 week intensive driver training course £742.00 (this includes your DSA Test fee)

Theory and Hazard Perception tests Car Theory and Hazard perception tests are currently £31.00 but in October 2014 they will be reducing this to £25.00 and further reductions in October 2015 to £23.00. We can offer Theory & Hazard perception training material with the very latest questions which runs online and lasts for 90 days for £36.00. One call to 01642 466 099 is all that is needed and we can set your training material up straightaway, and you get the best possible training material available.


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